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Virtual Assistants

Focus on your core functions & scale your business


FinTech Virtual Assistants (VA’s)

Fusion Network conducts continuous and diligent research on securing outsourced virtual assistants so you don’t have to. Having a Virtual Assistant on your team allows you to allocate your time on higher-level tasks while continuing to scale your business.

  • Time Savings: 

    • The most valuable asset is time. 

    • Free up your time by delegating time-consuming tasks to a reliable and experienced virtual assistant.

  • Cost Savings:

    • Substantially reduce labor costs by hiring an experienced virtual assistant.​

    • Scale your outsourced team up or down as needed with your company’s needs each month

  • Improved Customer Service:

    • Virtual Assistants can help increase productivity across various tasks such as:​

      • Administrative and office support activities

      • Scheduling and Planning

      • Assisting with emails, phone calls, social media, video, and online content marketing

      • Data entry

      • Invoicing

      • Creating word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations

      • Organizing documents and folders within your cloud storage systems such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft, etc. 

      • Conduct research

      • Extended hours of support for your customers

VA - 1.png
  • Risk Mitigation: 

    • ​By giving away certain tasks, you also give away the risks and liabilities associated with the tasks, like payroll management, labor disputes, employee liabilities, labor unions, etc.​Microsoft, etc. ​​

VA - 2.png
  1. Upon completion of a rigid training program designed specifically for professionals, our professional virtual assistants will take on the role of providing you with:

    • Marketing Support

    • Sales Support

    • Compliance Support

    • Client Relationship Management (CRM) support and maintenance

    • Virtual back office setup, organization, and administration

    • New account onboarding assistance

    • Document scrubbing, processing, follow-ups, and submission

    • Collaboration and follow-ups

    • Professional support, administrative, and secretarial work

2. Based on your needs, you may select from our simple outsourcing programs:

  • Part-time Professional Assistant​

    • Ideal for early-stage businesses on a tight budget​

      • 20 hours per week​

  • Full-time Dedicated Staffing

    • Ideal for growing companies

      • 40 hours per week

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