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Lending as a Service : White Label FinTech

Focus on what you do best, we do the rest

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Originations & Servicing

Our lending engineering staff is ready to customize any workflow for our clients from any lending industry. From unsecured installment loans to point-of-sale installs, loan applications on a computer or on a mobile-phone we have you covered. We continuously refine industry-specific underwriting algorithms, workflows, user experience and loan management functionalities to grow as quickly as the industry does.

Our team of data scientists can help you develop customized A.I. and/or Machine Learning algorithms that help you with automated underwriting and pricing.  Connect to credit, identity and banking transaction databases to enhance your underwriting process.  Use our real-time decision engine to process thousands of variables and improve your lending solution.

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Outsource the servicing of your portfolio to our highly trained and specialized lending experts. Our team can provide real-time, expert service remotely from our Loan Management module. All calls are recorded and constant training is provided to stay up-to-date with compliance and regulation.

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